Frequently Asked Questions

What is Giftfluence?

Giftfluence is an online shopping platform that donates a percent of your purchase from over 1,000 top stores to your favorite charity. Giftfluence also offers top discounts and coupon codes so that you can save money while giving back. It is an easy way to make a large impact

How do I start earning donations for my favorite cause?

It's easy to get started, just follow these simple steps:

  • Visit Giftfluence and select a cause from the over 840,000 organizations listed
  • Browse our shopping page to find thousands of top retailers
  • Click through to the store and shop as you normally would. A portion of your sale will automatically be donated to your cause
  • Bookmark our page and share it with friends to multiply the impact!

How much can I earn for my cause?

Each store donates a different amount, but the average purchase last year led to around a 5% donation. Every year Americans spend over $400 billion on online shopping so 5% can add up quickly. There is no cap on how much money we will donate.

Where does this money come from?

Stores pay 100% of the fee. They believe that you will be a loyal customer and are willing to pay to market to socially conscious consumers like you!

How much does this cost me?

Absolutely nothing! You receive the same price, experience and level of service as shopping directly through the store. In fact, you can actually save money by using coupons and discounts that stores share with us. It's 100% free to you and makes a huge impact on charities.

What type of causes are eligible?

Nonprofits, student organizations and schools are all eligible to participate. If you don't see your favorite cause listed you can submit it to us and we will confirm the details and have the cause on our site within 72 hours

When are donations sent out?

Donations are calculated quarterly and sent one month in arrears on 2/15, 5/15, 8/15 and 11/15. The minimum check amount is $20. If your cause has not earned $20 in the previous quarter, the funds will roll over to the next quarter